CNG for forklifts

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a great option for running your fleet of forklifts.

Not only is CNG cost effective, it’s clean burning, re-fuelling is quick and easy and it’s on tap 24 hours a day from your own compressing station.

For more information on CNG contact Matt Hockley on (09) 978 7671 or by email.

Benefits of CNG (for forklifts):

  • Improving indoor air quality through lower emissions

  • Reducing annual fuel costs
  • Offering price certainty through supply contracts
  • Offering supply certainty through being domestically sourced
  • Eliminating odours and increasing employee safety
  • Lowering maintenance requirements and reducing engine wear and tear
  • Being reliable and convenient to refuel

Economic benefits
CNG costs show significant cost benefits compared to diesel (see picture above).    


How other businesses are using CNG

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