For forklifts


LPG is a popular forklift fuel. Most forklift manufacturers supply models either built with LPG connections or fitted with approved conversions. Operators find that OnGas’ LPG offers the performance, convenience and reliability they need and is also very cost effective.

  • Quick & clean refuelling process minimises risks from spillage, leaks and hold-ups or product spoilage.
  • No need to warm engines up before they can be driven.
  • Engines are usually smoother and quieter than when they are when running on petrol.
  • Using OnGas LPG instead of diesel can improve the working environment - less noise and smell without compromising productivity.
  • Drivers like the instant control and response of LPG engines.


How does it work?

A small fleet can use ‘exchange’ cylinders that are simply removed when empty and replaced with a full one. Customers have a standing order where their replacement cylinders are supplied on the same day every week, and this can be adapted in accordance with demand.

Larger forklift fleets may be able to justify having a bulk supply where the machines are filled from an automotive-type OnGas LPG dispenser. In this case, the cylinder is permanently mounted to the forklift.