• OnGas is a nationwide supplier of pre-filled 9kg LPG bottles which we call Bottle Swap. Our Bottle Swap service is available at over 850 retailers throughout New Zealand including service stations, hardware and convenience stores. We offer people a safe and convenient way to purchase pre-filled 9kg bottles.

    The greener way to do gas

    Our commitment to better environmental outcomes, together with our award-winning approach to health and safety, mean you can be confident in the quality of our products, and in the steps we take to get them to you.

    Make your empty gas bottles go another round. Throwing a gas bottle away when it reaches the end of its test period – or even earlier – is a real waste of resources. But that’s what lots of people do! At OnGas, our nationwide recycling program means that we clean, safety check, re-test and paint (if necessary) our bottles, so that they last year after year.

    Caring for our air and waterways. Repainting gas bottles, when necessary, is really important to help them last longer and look great. We are leading the industry with the use of an environmentally friendly non-toxic water-based paint, so no nasty paint fumes get into our atmosphere. Our degreasers are environmentally friendly too, in order to reduce harm in our waterways.

    Waste not want not. Sometimes bottles come back to our Bottle Swap plant with a little gas still in them. During the re-testing process, instead of venting gas to the atmosphere, we use recapturing technology to store it safely then recycle it as part of the refilling process. And, of course, when a bottle does eventually reach the end of its life, we recycle the metal it’s made from.

    And we’re winners too! OnGas is proud to have won the 2018 Health and Safety Initiative of the year at the Deloitte’s Energy Excellence Awards.

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    Health and Safety Initiative of the Year