• How Bottle Swap works

    • OnGas delivers a stocked cage
    • Your customer will either swap their bottle or purchase a new 9kg cylinder
    • Our fleet of delivery trucks will replace empty cylinders with full bottles
    • OnGas will invoice on delivery of replacement bottles

    Benefits of Bottle Swap

    • It’s simple, quick, safe and convenient!
    • There are no joining fees for customers to swap a cylinder.
    • No waiting time for customers to have their bottle filled.
    • Customer receives a fully inspected leak tested bottle each time they exchange their empty cylinder for a full cylinder.
    • If your customer doesn’t own a bottle to exchange they can purchase one! Easy!
    • Retailers have a new product to offer customers
    • No stock holding costs
    • Low set up cost for retailers
    • New revenue stream for retailers
    • OnGas delivery fleet drop in regularly to re-stock your empties saving you the hassle on calling us to replenish your bottles
    • OnGas provides on-site training for you your staff. A comprehensive Safety Manual will also be left to allow further training of other employees
  • Getting Started

    • 1

      As soon as you join Bottle Swap your OnGas Account Manager will arrange for a test certifier to issue you with a location test certificate. This certificate is required by law as current regulations state that any site storing more than 100kgs (over eleven bottles) of LPG on site must hold a HSNO Location Test Certificate for the LPG storage facility. You will only need to be certified Once. It will then be the responsibility of OnGas to ensure your site remains compliant. If you hold more than 300kg’s i.e. two or more Bottle Swap cages you will be required to renew your test certificate on an annual basis.

    • 2

      Training will then be provided by your OnGas Account Manager in accordance with the OnGas site training manual. You and your staff will not need to leave your site and training will take approximately 30 minutes

    • 3

      An OnGas bottle swap cage fully loaded with 9kg bottles will be delivered to your site at the location nominated by the test certifier.