August 2017

New LPG Bottle Swap Filling Plant in Papakura

Swapping your 9 kg LPG bottle has never been easier. OnGas is a nationwide supplier of 9 kg exchangeable cylinders which we call Bottle Swap.

Our Bottle Swap service is available at various retailers throughout New Zealand including service stations, hardware stores and convenience stores. We offer consumers a safe and convenient alternative to traditional methods of refilling gas cylinders.

OnGas have just constructed an LPG Bottle Swap processing facility at 37 Hunua Road, Papakura. The plant, currently undergoing commissioning, will have the capacity to fill six hundred standard 9 kg LPG bottles per hour. It is the first semi-automated LPG filling plant to be constructed in New Zealand.

LPG from Taranaki arrives at site via tankers it is then offloaded into the two storage tanks. Empty 9 kg LPG bottles also arrive via delivery trucks from the many Bottle Swap Retailers around New Zealand. The 9 kg bottles are inspected, tested, washed and painted (where required) then filled with LPG before being stacked and reloaded on trucks for delivery to Retailers. Around 37 people are employed full time at the site.

Important Safety Information

The Bottle Swap Plant has been designed and constructed to the latest New Zealand and international design and safety standards. It includes many state of the art safety features including using equipment that cannot generate a spark, gas detection, emergency shutdown systems and fire deluge systems. These systems, together with the well-trained staff will ensure that the plant operates safely. In the very unlikely instance that there is a gas leak or fire an alarm will sound to evacuate.

Every Wednesday at 9:30 am the evacuation alarms are tested together with a “voice over” which explains the purpose of each alarm. The “on-site” fire alarm and general evacuation alarm will barely be audible from the street. The “off-site” evacuation alarm is a variable two-tone (hee-haw with sudden transition) siren. It is designed to be audible at potentially affected neighbouring properties. If you hear this alarm (and it is not 9:30 am on a Wednesday) potentially affected people (anyone within 400 m from the facility) need to evacuate to one of the muster points shown on the satellite photo below. The siren automatically calls the Fire Service and is manually operated by OnGas staff. They will be present to guide you to one of the muster points (A, B, C or D) in the unlikely event this is required.

OnGas LPG Bottle Swap Plant 37 Hunua Road
Emergency Muster Points

If you hear the two-tone (hee haw) emergency siren and you are inside the green circle – evacuate to muster point A, B, C or D.

OnGas evacuation green circle Legend for evacuation point Legend for assembly point

Once the emergency is over an “All-Clear” signal will sound. This is a continuous (single note) siren.

Evacuation sirens are tested every Wednesday at 9:30 am.

If you need more information about this new facility please contact the Plant Manager, Philip Thompson at or call 09-213-0279.

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