• OnGas offers the ultimate choice in expertise for deciding what is best for your business. We will provide a no-obligation site check and our experienced engineers can assess your needs and advise on the best option for you.

    Bottled (cylinder) LPG

    Small businesses

    Typically, a small business installation will consist of two LPG 45kg cylinders which OnGas supplies on initial delivery. A registered gasfitter will complete the connection process, supply the regulator and complete the pipe work to connect your appliances. We recommend your cylinder station is equipped with an autochange regulator which draws gas from one cylinder at a time.

    A visual indicator advises you when a cylinder has become empty and has switched over to draw gas from the full cylinder. When this happens, simply contact OnGas to reorder. The empty cylinder will be removed and replaced.

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    For medium businesses

    For larger businesses who require more LPG than smaller businesses, multiple LPG cylinders can be stored on site. These are contained in a cylinder cage, generally on the outskirts of the customer’s site to ensure easy access for delivery and replacement of cylinders. Customers have a standing order where the fill is supplied on the same day every week. This can be adapted in accordance with demand.

    If you have further questions or want to talk to one of our reps, call us now on 0800 84 12 12 or give us an email at enquiries@ongas.co.nz

  • Piped LPG (Bulk Supply)

    • A specially engineered bulk vessel safely stores a large supply of LPG on site

    • Gas travels through underground pipes before passing through a meter located in an accessible position on your site

    • OnGas will read your meter regularly and send you a statement, much like your electricity bill.

    • Just sit back and enjoy all the benefits gas provides!

    Bulk supply offers a large LPG storage tank located on site. A typical storage tank is between 2-4 tonnes, with much larger capacity available in specific circumstances. Tanks are stored under or over ground, dependent on the situation and area.

    New subdivisions also have the option of choosing a bulk supply tank. A 20 tonne tank will service around 500 homes and is filled on a regular basis.

    To find out more about Piped or Bulk supply, call us now on 0800 84 12 12 or give us an email at enquiries@ongas.co.nz

  • Forklift LPG

    OnGas can help get your customers forklift fleets running on competitively priced LPG with great service.

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