• LPG is a popular forklift fuel. Most forklift manufacturers supply models either built with LPG connections or fitted with approved conversions. Operators find that LPG offers the performance, convenience and reliability they need at an effective cost.

    How does it work?

    LPG forklifts can use exchange cylinders that are simply removed when empty and replaced with a full one. Customers can order replacement cylinders or have a standing order, where their replacement cylinders are supplied on a regular delivery cycle. This can be adapted in accordance with demand.

    Larger forklift fleets may be able to justify having a bulk supply where cylinders are filled from an automotive OnGas LPG dispenser. In this case, the cylinder is permanently mounted to the forklift.

  • Training videos for OnGas LPG forklift customers

    OnGas has put together some training videos, questionnaires & answer sheets for our LPG for forklift customers. These have been designed to assist OnGas customers with their staff training and to provide general information about LPG. These videos outline the process for exchange of LPG cylinders for forklifts and filling cylinders for forklifts from a bulk vessel.

    The LPG for forklift training videos are contained in three modules.

    Please note:

    • If you are filling cylinders from a bulk vessel, then you will need to view the first and second videos.
    • Customers who exchange LPG cylinders for forklifts will need to view the first and third videos.
    1. Forklift LPG – Introduction
    2. Forklift LPG – Filling cylinders from a bulk vessel
    3. Forklift LPG – Cylinder exchange

    Apologies, videos are currently unavailable.