• Hazardous Substances Regulations

    Effective from 1 December 2017, the rules around managing hazardous substances in the workplace, transferred from The Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996 (HSNO), to the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015; more specifically the Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017.

    The objective of these regulations is to assist in the reduction of harm from work-related activities involving hazardous substances. These apply to all businesses that manufacture, use, handle or store these substances.

    A summary of the key points from these changes, specific to LPG, are listed below. Please note information provided is a guide only. Please refer to the WorkSafe New Zealand website and the latest legislation for full details to ensure your site is compliant.

    • Risk Management - you have a duty to manage the risks associated with the hazardous substances in your workplace.
    • Hazardous Substances Inventory - a new key requirement under the new regulations is to keep an inventory of the hazardous substances that are used, handled, manufactured or stored in the workplace.
    • Emergency Management - Emergency response plans need to cover all reasonably foreseeable emergencies with regard to hazardous substances in the workplace.
    • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) - you must obtain a current SDS for all hazardous substances from the manufacturer or supplier. Click here for an updated Safety Data Sheet (SDS).
    • Training - You must make sure your workers have and understand the information, training and instruction they need to do their work safely and have a record of this.
    • Certified Handlers - Certified handlers replace approved handlers and are no longer required for classes 2 to 5, 6.1C, 6.7A and 8.2A
    • Compliance Certificates - Test certifiers and test certificates become compliance certifiers and compliance certificates. There are changes in what certifiers check before they issue a compliance certificate.
    • Hazchem Signage - all hazardous substances locations must have a Hazchem sign with correct pictograms.

    Compliance Certificates

    Any Workplace storing more than 100kgs of LPG on site must hold a location compliance certificate for the LPG storage facility.

    The Regulations also state that as your LPG supplier, OnGas must obtain a copy of your location compliance certificate, in order to continue supplying you with LPG.

  • What you are required to do:

    If you store more than 100kgs of LPG and hold a current location compliance certificate, please provide us with a copy by sending to testcertificate@ongas.co.nz

    Please note: we cannot supply your site with LPG unless we have a copy of your location compliance certificate. We understand that any interruption in supply would be a major inconvenience, so to keep things running smoothly, please ensure you provide us with your location compliance certificate as soon as possible.