• OnGas LPG is on offer to most homes in New Zealand. Where there is limited access to piped LPG networks, bottled LPG is available.

    Bottled (cylinder) LPG

    Bottled LPG is the perfect option for homes that don't have access to a piped network. If your home is within our delivery area, OnGas can supply you with bottled LPG. A typical cylinder station consists of two 45kg cylinders.

    How does it work?

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      Set up your account with us

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      We deliver 45kg cylinders to your home

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      Cylinders mounted outside your home

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      We follow strict health and safety precautions

    OnGas Cylinders

    Your registered gasfitter is in charge of connecting your LPG bottles to your home. This connection process includes:

    • Supplying the regulator
    • Supplying of chains, hooks and concrete slabs
    • Connection of the pipe-work from your cylinders to your home
    • Supplying you with a copy of the "Certificate of Compliance" (gas certificate) on completion of set up
  • Reorder and Refill of Cylinders

    Regulator Dial

    To ensure a continuous supply of gas, OnGas recommends your cylinder station is equipped with an “autochange regulator” (pictured left). Several types are available and all autochange regulators use a visual indicator to show you when a cylinder is empty and has switched over to draw gas from the full cylinder.

    An empty tank will always show red on your autochange regulator. When this occurs, it is important that you do not touch or turn the dial. Call OnGas as soon as you can, so we can promptly replenish your LPG supply - replacing the empty bottles with fresh full bottles and resetting the regulator.

    While there are autochange regulators available, manual regulators are still widely used. If a manual regulator is being used and the gas in the functioning cylinder empties, turn the valve to the full cylinder on. Gas will now be safely and successfully drawn from the full bottle. It is important that you contact OnGas immediately so we are able to promptly replenish your gas supply on time.

    1. Supply of covers or build of flush-mounted cabinet is not part of the cylinder delivery and installation by OnGas. OnGas does not supply these covers. Aber are stockists, alternatively talk to your builder/gasfitter for options.

    2. Images supplied by Aber Ltd.

  • Piped LPG

    Piped LPG allows you to have a non-stop supply of gas, all the time. Like your electricity supply, the gas is metered at your home, requiring very low maintenance from you.

    How does it work?

    A bulk vessel safely stores a large supply of LPG. The LPG travels through underground pipes through to your connection. The connection from the gas supply to your home requires a pipe to be installed from the underground gas pipe to your home.

    Piped LPG networks

    See if your property is in one of our piped networks:

    Pegasus Bay Pegasus Town
    Kaiapoi The Lakes
    Lincoln Fife Tuscan - Lincolndale - Ryelands
    Tekapo Lochinver
    East Tekapo Tekapo Commercial
    Christchurch Northshore - Milns Court - The Limes - Tumara Park - Waitikiri - Kajens Country Estate - Madison Gardens - The Elms - Cashel Apartments - The Palms - Pierside
    Rolleston Rolleston
    Wanaka Wanaka Commercial - Riverside - Ngaio Point
    Lake Hayes Bendemeer - The Terraces